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My name is Bo and Bodoes is the alias I use for ‘what Bo does’. The core of ‘what Bo does’ is about designing, creating and making. From a website to a handmade award.

I have a Bachelor in Product Design and a Master in Interaction Design from the University of Delft. I began my working days as an employer at small companies and start-ups where my responsibilities were diverse, ranging from graphic, packaging & web design to managing and creating social media content.

When I realised I really liked this kind of work but craved more diversity in projects and clients I started Bodoes at the end of 2016. I’ve since then been working for and with companies ranging from a local gym to international HipHop festivals.

ps. Next to designing I’m a dancer which is why a big part of my projects are dance, culture or lifestyle related.




Bo van Hoorn

Located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.



Web Design

Custom designed websites that tell something about you or your company at a glance. We start together by clarifying what your website should communicate, lay out the content and start building from there.

In most cases I use WordPress as a CMS and design websites from scratch, so not using standard themes. This way your website will be unique and represents you or your company.

Graphic Design

Logos, branding, promotional material both for print and digital. I like to call it your company’s ‘visual wardrobe’; items to communicate to your audience in a clear, attractive and personal way. 

My goal is to bring form and functionality together: legibility & a clear, recognizable message. The use of a structure that guides the viewer through the design.

Award Design

Winning an event is a memorable moment and the award you take home is something to bring these memories back. How nice is it when the award itself is not just a trophy bought from the shop but a custom designed trophy reflecting the event?

Based on budget, time and requests a custom award can be made from different materials; from upcycled items such as LP’s to handmade items from wood.